You Are Not Listening!

In the wake of last weekend’s attack at the Pulse nightclub, the internet, and my social media feeds have turned into a cesspool of bigotry, hate, and Islamophobia. The LGBT community has seen the worst mass shooting in US history directly targeting us. The LGBT community still stands united and strong. However, we see this divide from the cisgender and heterosexual community. Here are the three talking points that I have seen so far. The first is the mass Islamophobia, followed by pro – assault support, and finally, praise that “perverts” were killed!

1. Islamophobia

Why? The absolute first thing that comes to mind when I see people stating demeaning and racist things towards Muslim people. Has no one learned from past events? Take the second world war for instance, who did we fear? The Germans and Japanese and what happened? We rounded up all of our Japanese citizens and tossed them into internment camps! People were racist and dehumanized the Japanese during this period. We are seeing the mirror image of this today but instead of racial fear its anyone who is Muslim or looks like they could be Muslim. Why, are we letting this happen again, why are we going down this road? How long before our government tries to put Muslims in America in internment camps without hiding it in the shadows like they do now? None of this is right, so please cut the shit.

2. Oh, Assualt Rifles……

The second amendment says we have the right to bear arms. That is fantastic and great, so you can all defend yourselves against the government and what not. We need to stop and think about what the forefathers had in mind when they wrote this. Do you think they ever planned on seeing firearms that had the power to take down crowds in minutes, even seconds? Somehow I do not believe that they had this in mind.

I see the same argument time and time again from former friends; The AR-15 is not an assault rifle it is a semi-auto rifle. Yes! You are right about this, do you want a gold star of approval? The facts are, however, that it’s semi-auto it can carry a large clip. It is as easy as just squeezing the trigger, and it will pop off rounds. It’s not a full auto, but you know what? It’s fast enough to cut down large groups of people quickly! So stop defending it already!

Why do the American people insist on defending weapons that can kill so many so quickly? Even the most responsible gun owner is only responsible until that responsibility is compromised. What makes your gun collection more valuable than the lives of 50 people? In the wake of this massacre, you defend that gun and your rights simply because the second amendment says you can. Ever stopped to think that the second amendment is outdated and faulted to a point? 50 people are dead and countless others injured by one man with a gun. You cannot claim to have sympathy when you are unwilling to put down your own excessively deadly weapons! I am sorry but you just can’t.

Do civilians need to own weapons that have the capacity to wipe out so many lives so fast? Why? In case they have to defend themselves from someone else with an AR-15 or some other semi-auto or assault rifle? If that is your reasoning, let me tell you that makes absolutely no sense at all. Misguided ideas that are askew and deeply flawed are the ideas that are putting people’s lives at risk. Or perhaps you are thinking that criminals will find a way to get guns like that anyhow so you would need the same kind of weapons for self-defense anyway! As it stands now they might easily obtain one, but at the same time, restricting their sale and manufacture will most definitely make it harder for a common thug to find one. Your local Walmart or neighborhood gun shop won’t have them. Sadly, it won’t stop criminals from getting them entirely, but it will make it a lot harder for them to find by reducing the amount of them available on the streets. So why don’t we do this? Place the necessary restrictions on assault rifles and semi-auto rifles that can mow down large crowds of people? We have been doing it your way for so long now, NRA, and your way has resulted in 133 mass shootings in the United States this year alone. Let’s just try taking these deadly things off the market and see how we do.

3. “Perverts” Were Killed!

The news is traveling around the internet like wildfire, news of a preacher in Sacramento California who is saying he is happy perverts were killed. In fact, he wants to see all these perverts put up aginst a wall and shot by a firing squad! This man is doing nothing but inspiring hate and encouraging people to go out and harm more LGBT people.

People wonder why the LGBT community seems so angry so I will let you in on a secret that is all over Google and the news. It’s that P.C., liberal thing you see on Facebook, the thing you consider garbage and, therefore, infringing on your rights. Yeah, that thing you know, called equal rights we. Equal rights we have been fighting so hard to gain. It’s not wanting to be treated like sub-human, 6th class citizens.

We have grown tired of the family dog having more rights and better health care than we do. All of the heterosexual cisgender people out there that don’t understand this, I am talking to you. How are we taking away your rights? How? When we are murdered for just living our lives, for holding hands with our life partner or partners. We are harrassed daily and live in fear of assault and our very lives just trying to survive in your rigid box of religious and right-wing political norms, for trying to survive in your world. 

How many more of us need to be sacrificed to the god in the clouds before you are willing to try something new? Equal rights are what we want, they are what we deserve. The same rights that everyone gets when they fall into the regular binary box of what society deems normal. Society, in general, needs to stop questioning us and telling us we are doing it wrong. Stop thinking that the rights of a few are not as important as the rights of many.

Stop telling us “All Lives Matter”, stop using it to devalue our struggles and justify your binary normalization. We do not live by your binary norms. I am not sorry about this, rather, I am tired of my friends & family being murdered or committing suicide. It’s your world that makes it too hard for us to live, that sometimes forces us to give up, or even worse takes our lives from us. I am sick of being able to talk to one friend one day and then learning they committed suicide or been murdered hours after I’ve spoken to them. You do not live in our world, and you might be a guest sometimes, but you don’t live it every day. You do not understand it and right now it feels as though the world outside of LGBT isn’t even listening to a damn thing that we are saying! So again, I am not sorry if you see us as angry, we have just had enough of this shit.

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Chloe Lee is our Social Media Operations girl! Keeping the TransHope United Community informed about all the latest information across all of our social media platforms. She also maintains our website along with doubling as our main graphic designer. In her free time she loves streaming video games on, cosplaying and has an obsession with Ford Mustangs.
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Chloe Lee is our Social Media Operations girl! Keeping the TransHope United Community informed about all the latest information across all of our social media platforms. She also maintains our website along with doubling as our main graphic designer. In her free time she loves streaming video games on, cosplaying and has an obsession with Ford Mustangs.