Washington State: The Battle To Keep Equality Alive

Recent developments in Washington state regarding transgender bathroom laws, have sparked a media frenzy. Not to mention an outbreak of bills aimed to strip away equality laws passed back in 2006. Many protests against bathroom equality have been planned for the upcoming month, along with counter protests to fight for the right of equality.  Republican Graham Hunt has fired back with a bathroom bill that aims to destroy 10 years of advancement in equality for the transgender community. His bill HB 2589, would give establishments the right to ban an individual from using the restroom in which they identify. However it is not clear on how this bill would be enforced. Would people entering restrooms be screened? This seems to be common with similar bathroom bills filed by republicans in other states. Creating bills that are unethical and based on bigoted beliefs, transphobic, and homophobic hatred. In other words it would give business owners grounds to discriminate people if they thought they were transgender.

What can you do to help the cause for equality?

Also a senate meeting is being held on 1/27/2016 for SB 6443 which is another bill aimed to strip rights. Senator Ericksen’s bill wants to remove protections covered under Washington’s Law Against Discrimination.  If you would like to attend this meeting more information can be found here.

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