Facebook Support Group

fb-artGet support and meet new people by joining our Facebook support group! Our group is welcome to both trans men and trans women, gender non-conforming people, family, parents and other allies. We strive to keep our group secure and a safe place for transgender people to come and seek support and connect with other transgender people. Once you request to join the group, a moderator will get in touch with you. We have a strict screening process to keep out transphobic haters and other people who try to prey upon trans people. www.facebook.com/groups/TransHopeUnited/

TransHope United: Rules, Regulations, and Terms of Use.

From all of us on the administration staff here at TransHope United we would like to say Hello, and Welcome to the Family!! We created this group for the proliferation of support, the single most important aspect of our community. Here you can discuss Transgender and Transition related issues, connect with like minds in similar situations, help spread knowledge and awareness, or just have fun!

Our primary focus here is to provide a means of expression and support for Transgender individuals and their families, allies, and significant others/spouses. We also welcome non-binary and non-conforming individuals from across the gender spectrum, who may be curious about their identities and wish to learn more about what it means to be Transgender, or are here to directly support a loved one who struggles with Gender Dysphoria. This group was started by Transgender individuals for Transgender individuals. We also greatly value our cis-supporters and are glad to have them here as well. Together we can and will succeed in changing this world for the better!

We do have an ever evolving Rule base here at TransHope, designed to keep group involvement Fun, Safe, and helpful for all of our members. We do not encourage competition with one another here; rather we promote an environment where people can come together and help lift one another up. There is not one of us, who in our darkest hours, did not need some support, whether it be emotional or moral. We ask that you follow these few simple rules to keep the chain of support intact and allow the support process to be as successful as possible.

The Rules are as follows:

  1. No Fighting, debasing, threatening, or “coming down” on other members of the group. This is not tolerated and will be strictly enforced.
  2. Discussion regarding SELF MEDICATING Hormone Replacement Therapy is not allowed, aside from cautioning against it. We do not permit discussion on dosage amounts, or where it can be obtained illegally. This is a sensitive area for us to regulate, and with good reason. Many of us have been there, and left with little choice but to consider self-medicating, but when you engage in conversation on a public forum regarding this it puts BOTH parties in danger, and puts the entire group at risk of being shut down by forces beyond our control, not to mention self-medicating can lead to internal organ damage, amputation, the loss of the ability to ever transition medically or even DEATH, so we have no choice but to enforce this rule fiercely.
    If you would like to post information on localized resources, like trans friendly Dr’s names or therapists who specialize in gender counseling that is definitely ok. Any posts that may be questionable on this topic feel free to contact any of the admin tagged at the bottom of this page before posting.
  3. No Nudity permitted. If a post has nudity and is to be made relating to surgery for educational purposes, it must be submitted to admins for approval and linked over to the group feed without a visible picture from another media or forum.
  4. All members must have a profile picture unless otherwise approved by Administration.
  5. No posting of hookups, dating or sexual meetings. This will be strictly enforced. If you seek this go to Fetlife, please. We do not allow “chasers” or “fetishists” in this group! This is not POF, and nobody wants to feel objectified or outcast in this safe place.
  6. With sensitive subjects, you must use a trigger word or warning on the post as some could find offensive, painful or troubling. Please start posts referencing suicide or any other disturbing topics with T.W. And allow for proper spacing before starting text. There is suicide hotline along with other outreach information at the bottom of this post for those who need it; we ask that you include this information on posts that pertain to the subject.
  7. Any posts asking for donations, I.E, “GOFUNDME” or crowd-sourcing shall be ONLY for emergency medical help or emergency/life-threatening situations; all requests will require administration approval. We do not mind helping those in need during a crisis, but it cannot be for those seeking HRT costs or for SRS…. many of us have that burden to share here, and a lot of the other members may be struggling with their financial difficulties as well.
  8. Any posts that condone or provide information referencing illegal activity will be removed and poster subject to immediate banning by the administration. There is no second chance for this, and it will also be strictly enforced.
  9. We conduct entrance interviews for new members to determine their compatibility with this groups mission statement. For existing members, if you recommend or add a new friend to the group they will be subject to administration evaluation. Please make sure they check their “others” folder under the message options, so they do not miss this assessment process! Without it, they will not be permitted entry. In certain cases, you may also be contacted to vouch for the person you recommended for membership. This is crucial in maintaining a safe place for members and is in no way aiming to single people our and or out them as transgender. We have had problems in the past with creepers getting into the group that is just seeking to be disruptive.
  10. Please be kind to one another! Treat each other with love and respect. Our lifestyle is stressful enough without “cannibalization” within our community! While negativity cannot always be avoided, it is easier to reach people and help change things for the better with positivity!
  11. Have Fun! We look forward to seeing our group grow in a way that helps bring us all together with a common goal and interests. Thank you for choosing to be a part of Transhope United and always remember…You matter, Your story matters, and You are not alone!!!
  12. All rules subject to change, alteration, or updates!
  13. No defaming or disrespecting other members religious beliefs, for many of us Religion, regardless of what faith, is an important part of maintaining stability in our lives. If you wish to discuss it openly without trying to ruin a person’s outlook that is fine, but a person is blatantly attacked and accused or persecuted verbally over their personal beliefs the offending party will be given a warning first. If they do not heed it, the second offense will result in a suspension from the group or depend on the severity, outright banning. Thank you for being respectful and choosing to participate in religious conversations on here with tolerance and understanding of other members feelings and right to believe in whatever they want. This also includes trying to “debunk” someone’s beliefs because you do not agree with them. That sort of behavior is more damaging than one realizes, especially because to some of us our beliefs are all we have, so it absolutely will not be tolerated and will be considered a violation of Rule # 1
  14. We love news articles it is what our organization does besides trans support. However, we ask that you submit all news articles to our official Facebook page. We reserve our official Facebook page for all discussions on trans news, media, and activism posts. If you would like to make an activist post, please contact an admin for approval.
  15. Please refrain from posting links to recruit for other groups. We ask this only because we want our members to be safe. There are a lot of horrid trans groups out there that are full of chasers and sick creeps, and we follow a very strict vetting process for our group. So we ask that people do not recruit for other groups without permission from our admin staff.