Introducing A Voice For Transgender Rights

The new Facebook group, A Voice For Transgender Rights, is a unified front who’s focus is to raise awareness in the area of Transgender rights and provide a voice for those in the community who have faced and still suffer injustices. The main agenda of this group is to call attention issues such as incarceration for trans individuals in the wrong gender facility ( imprisonment reform ), wrongful denial of birth certificate changes, and the ever lasting bathroom debate that so far has stopped trans individuals from using the gender appropriate restrooms in states such as Texas and is also being proposed as law in many others. These are issues that transgender individuals face, that need to be broadcast loudly for the world to see in order to try to inspire change in the laws and rights that are currently ill suited and sadly unspecific in reference to fellow trans individuals. Generally these daily injustices against transgender individuals have made nothing more than a whisper in main stream media and news as of late, it is time that this cause is given a voice to be heard loud and clear so that these changes can be imposed in an effort to make the world a better, more united place. This group can be found at the following address:   .

The Mission Statement for A Voice for Transgender Rights:
To provide a place where transgender individuals and their friends and families can come together to join as one voice in order to push forward the changes needed regarding their civil rights. The ultimate goal is unite the many victims of injustice, and those who support them, to make transgender civil rights equality a reality across the entire country. The plan is to raise the awareness required through the use of media connections and exposure while establishing new contacts along the way that will help carry the message “Equal Transgender Rights now”  to the public in a plain view scenario. In doing so there will be a new united effort to educate those who may be unaware or unknowing of transgender people and the issues that they face in attempt to bring the necessary support needed to inspire change to this cause.

Trans Hope