For Shame Ocala School Board!

Tuesday, April 26th I attended the Marion County School Board Meeting to speak against an emergency agenda item. What was this so-called “crisis?” The school board felt that the safety and well-being of all kids in Marion County Florida were being threatened. They felt that the inclusionary practice enforced by Mr. George Tomyn, the Superintendent of Marion County, of allowing a transgender CHILD use the appropriate bathroom that allowed with his gender identity went against their narrow view and misguided opinion regarding their interpretation of federal regulations regarding gender discrimination, sorry sexual discrimination.

This decision not only flies in the face of human decency but against the interpretation of the law recognized by the majority of federally funded institutions and by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. The School Board should have headed School Chair  Bobby James advice to hold off on making a decision regarding this issue until a later date when they could be better informed on the policies implemented with success by other school districts that do not fly in the face of the kids most hurt by their reckless and impulsive adjudication.

This issue was not an “emergency!” This issue did not need to be implemented immediately. This is an issue that needed to be approached with caution and with proper insight.
I have heard Board Member Nancy Stacey remark on a number of times that the board has done their homework . If this is the case then they get an F! Many districts have implemented nondiscrimination policies successfully right here in Florida without the bathroomgedon that the fundamentalists have stated will happen. To quote Charles Krauthammer “This is a solution in search of an issue.”

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