Jae Reid

US, Community Support Team
twitter_hashtag_blaster_bitly http://bit.ly/2iwY1UM

Born and raised in the UK by RAF parents she moved around a lot as a child. So much so that she stopped trying to make friends because she knew she would be moving again relatively soon. When her parents finally settled down and left the military, she grew up in an abusive household being bullied on all sides most of the time. Figuring out she was trans at the age of 12, but never pursued it because her step-dad was/is not the nicest person around. She repressed that part of her and tried to live life as best as she could. Emigrating to the US at 24 to get married, two children and 13yrs later She realized just how unhappy she was, and so she came out as trans to her wife and family at 38. A year later and she's the happiest she's ever been. Now, she's trying to build the community she never had as a child and in the process help those that need it if and where she can.

"I have always thought that you should enjoy your work to the point where you don't consider it work, so I have slowly built a career as a graphic designer, most recently working for/with Nordstrom stores. I have a broad range of interests, from paleontology to rocket science and a whole pile of random between."