Charles Stawowy

US, Community Support Team

Charles Stawowy, 47, is an avid roleplayer/gamer, writer, and activist. It was through exploration in his writing and roleplay in Second Life where he learned to accept himself as the man he was supposed to be. The journey started in 2011 at the age of 42, when he began a new job and was the sole support for himself and his daughter. Volunteering with groups in the past and current, helping promote safe spaces for GLBTI people, including Rad Remedy, a database for Trans health professionals/doctors. His outreach has included packers/binders for young transmen in need, as well as help to trans groups or trans-supportive groups. A Humanist with Catholic/Pagan roots, he follows no specific religion, but sees a world of support, kindness, and love, going so far as to be a big brother for several younger transmen in the community.