Alicia Lewis

Founder/ Chief Editor

Alicia Dawn Lewis (Lici Dawn) is a 32-year-old Transgender female from Florida. After struggling with Gender Dysphoria for her entire life and being subjected to "alternative" forms of treatment, she finally accepted her true self at age 29 and began the long, arduous journey of self-discovery and a life of fulfilled authenticity. She is co-founder and chief editor of both the Facebook group TransHope United and its sister website. Her interest includes the study of human psychology, journalism, and writing, and Buddhist influenced idealistic methodology. Her passions include helping the Trans community, and mentoring trans youth in a positive way that allows them to embrace their uniqueness as opposed to the forced ideals of repression she was exposed early on in life. She is a survivor and her idea, TransHope United, stands at the pinnacle of reform for the transgender community as a direct result of the incredible support and friendship she has found within it. Its function is simple, to give hope back to the trans community by bringing its members together to pool resources, knowledge, and information while spreading the critical awareness that will ensure a safe and bright future for the transgender youth who will one day be prevalent in all aspects of modern society. 

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